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Honoring the Old, Welcoming the New

traditional costume Anterselva Valley
traditional dancing group Rasun di Sopra

Culture & Tradition in Valle Anterselva

Small villages, tiny hamlets, and solitary farmhouses in a rugged, wild landscape, where survival had to be ensured year after year – that is what shaped the character of the residents of Anterselva-Antholz and their traditions. Their culture is distinguished by solidarity and preserving that which is tried and true. Thus the old customs continue to be upheld.
The folk dance group from Rasun di Sopra-Oberrasen provides views again and again of the traditional folk dances that are performed in the old traditional costumes of the valley. Every two years, on the other hand, it is the Noric horses who take center stage: these dark giants from all over the German-speaking world meet in Rasun di Sotto-Niederrasen for the All-Tirol Noric Show.

traditional dancing group Rasun di Sopra

Competitions and processions are the dignified setting for the unbridled power and the proud splendor of these animals. On August 24, St. Bartholomew is honored at the Bartholomew Market which is held at the recreational park in Rasun di Sotto. That is where anyone who can make it shows up, looking to buy or offering to sell.  In addition to stands with clothing, bargains may be found among the homemade and the well-used. And since all the looking and deciding, comparing and buying works up an appetite, the bodily needs are attended to next door at the Polenta Mushroom Strudel Market. During the church festivals, the mannequin Michl will certainly not be missing – he is the guest of honor. Just like decorating the cows with bells, fir branches, and flowers is a part of the return of the livestock.

Sacred Heart in the Anterselva Valley

Folk dance group rasun

The folk dance group Rasun di Sopra shows traditional dances from the native country. 
From polka to "Hiatamadl" the young active enchant their spectators.

traditional dancing group Rasun di Sopra

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