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Ruined castle Altrasen

Sightseeing in the Valle Anterselva

In the Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal, there are a number of interesting cultural monuments which should definitely be seen. The historical Rasun-Rasen bridge, which has been elevated to the level of museum, the splendid Residenza Heufler-Ansitz Heufler manor, the beautiful Residenza Goller-Ansitz Goller, the mystical Rasun Vecchia-Altrasen and Rasun Nuova-Neurasen ruins and Bunker number 7 all bear witness to the cultural past of this vacation region and positively abound with historical significance. But the Valle Anterselva also offers destinations well worth seeing for nature lovers. These include the beautiful Lago d’Anterselva-Antholzer See lake and the Rasner Möser biotope, a natural swamp area with unique flora and fauna that is accessible year-round. 

Klammbach waterfalls Anterselva Valley

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