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11-peaks-tour Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva

11-peaks-tour Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva


A lonely mountain hike between the Antholzertal  / Valle Anterselva and the Gsiesertal / Val Casies.




» Rudlhorn - Roda di Scandole 2.448 m [46°47'51''N, 12°8'31''O]

» Eisatz – Monte Novale 2.493 m [46°48'7''N, 12°9'19''O]

» Million 2.435 m [46°49'0''N, 12°9'15''O]

» Frisiberg 2.538 m [46°49'26''N, 12°9'31''O]

» Amperspitze - Monte Costa 2.687 m [46°49'51''N, 12°8'11''O]

» Karl 2.490 m [46°50'18''N, 12°8'18''O]

» Ochsenfelder – Cima di Campobove 2.609 m [46°50'18''N, 12°8'18''O]

» Napfl 2.428 m [46°50'52"N, 12°7'56"O]

» Knebelstein - Monte Sbarra 2.499 m [46°51'9"N, 12°8'9"O]

» Höllensteinspitze 2.755 m [46°51'36''N, 12°10'11''O]

» Rotwand – Croda Rossa 2.818 m [46°51'52''N, 12°10'45''O ]

Route Lengh: 33,0 km = 22,5 miles

NO competiton!

It´s not about time or speed. Everyone is setting their own limits.

The thought behind this tour is to get in touch with nature and to explore what most haven´t seen yet.








Everyone chooses their own speed.

All participants have to reach the Ampertörl within 11:30 a.m. and the Grüblscharte within 2 p.m.

If somebody is not able to reach those destinations within the above mentioned time, we recommend to leave the trail and return to the starting point.( 2h)


The "11-Summit-Tour 2021" is booked up! 




» T-Shirt from the 11 Summit Tour

» 11-Summit-Tour mug (stainless steel)

» Littel notebook to collect marks from each peak

» Food and drinks when you reach the Ampertörl

» 11-Summit-Tour Certificate 

» Transfer from Antholz / Anterselva to the starting point

» 11-Summit-Noodles 

» Transfer back to Antholz / Anterselva

» Little party to celebrate the event

Lake Anterselva with view from the Staller Saddle

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11 Summit Tour 32477 m 3139 m difficult Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal



Ingrid & Günther Leitgeb

Metzmüllerstrasse 11

39030 Antholz/Anterselva


Tel. 0039 348 6600337

Tel. 0039 348 5741679

11 Summit Tour

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