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In Rasun di Sotto / Niederrasen awaits you a fantastic adventure park where the main focus is on the theme of water. The "Wasserwaldile" consists of a variety of play elements and fosters creativity among children. Along a water course, you can feel and experience the wet element up close and let the freshness of the water have its effect. A small stream can be crossed on “wiggly bridges” by balancing on wooden discs. This requires a great deal of both skill and concentration. The two banks of the stream are also connected by means of stepping stones. In a separate water play area, new water connections can be constructed in open wooden water pipes. Assistance can be provided, in turn, by natural materials such as sticks and rocks, but also wooden water wheels and water seesaws. 

Water is not wicked; it is a lovely, friendly means for improvement and healing.


- Sebastian Kneip

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