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hike to the huts in the Anterselva Valley

“Over all the mountain tops is peace. In all treetops you perceive scarcely a breath. The little birds in the forest are silent. Wait then; soon, you too, will have peace.”


- Goethe


In the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina/Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, where striking mountain peaks clearly define the landscape and broad mountain meadows sprinkled with granite rocks extend beyond the Alpine pastures, mountain hiking becomes a very special experience. Fragrant meadow herbs, fresh mountain spring water, and whistling marmots are typical features of the Nature Park. Lovely, well-marked hiking trails lead to idyllic Alpine pastures and scenic lookouts. If desired, it is also possible to join a guided hike


                                          hiking with dogs


Your best friend is very welcome in the Antholzertal / ValleAnterselva.

Your four-legged friend should enjoy your holidays to the fullest. These includes long walks through the woods or even mountain trails. IMPORTANT: when hiking always leash your dog! Avoid animals herds especially cows with their calves – it could become dangerours for you and your hairy friend. 

Dog - Toilette 

Dog waste bags are free of cost and can be found everywhere in the whole valley. We beg you to show a little respect and clean up the mess your dog makes. 

Since 2009 Italy´s law says that a leash has to be worn , as well as muzzle. (just carried, but not always worn) Pet owners are responsible for the damage their animal causes.



Car: Your dog should be secured so that he can not stop you from driving safely

Bus and train: Leashes and muzzle have to be taken with you (except service dogs)

Tickets for animals: single Ticket (15 Cent per KM) Junior card 1– Day, 3-Days or 7-Days Ticket Südtirol Pass/ Südtirol Pass family/ Südtirol Pass 65+

Lift to the Kronplatz: Dogs are allowed in the cabins. (extra charge – 3 €)


Bruneck Dr. Beikircher Florian Tel. +39 0474 412077

St. Lorenzen Dr. Amendla BiagioTel. +39 0474 474904 

Innichen Dr. Furtschegger Alois Tel. +39 0474 916273

Sand in Taufers Dr. Egger Hora Ingrid Tel. +39 0474 678719

31 Results found
Altitude difference
Hiking to the Kumpflalm Hut 2482 m 396 m medium
Hiking: Niederrasen - Oberstall - Oberrasen 2744 m 166 m medium
Hiling to the Staller Alm hut 2590 m 22 m easy
Path Müllerkofl 4211 m 150 m medium
Hiking to the Schwörzalm hut 3085 m 430 m medium
Walking from Niederrasen to Neunhäusern 2563 m 26 m easy
Hiking: Biotope Rasner Möser 9116 m 42 m easy
Hiking: Oberrasen - Bad Salomonsbrunn 4157 m 20 m easy
Hiking to the Bergeralm hut 2118 m 368 m medium
Circular route: Antholz Niedertal - Bad Salomonsbrunn 3096 m 30 m medium
Hiking to the Rieserferner hut 6751 m 1551 m difficult
Nössler path 4298 m 173 m medium
Hike to the Niedertaler Ochsenalm hut 7184 m 1049 m difficult
Family Hike to the Klammbach waterfall 1737 m 253 m medium
Long round through Rasen 8946 m 238 m medium
Nature trail round the lake Anterselva 3397 m 79 m easy
Hiking to the Earth Pyramids 6566 m 687 m medium
Hiking to the Hochrautalm hut 2669 m 544 m medium
Hike to the Ruins Castle Neurasen 2913 m 343 m medium
Circular route Antholz Mittertal 4432 m 150 m easy
Hiking to the Grentealm 4210 m 904 m difficult
Dolomites panoramic view tour 11329 m 532 m medium
Panoramic path in Niederrasen 9647 m 426 m medium
Hike: Antholz Mittertal - Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva Lake 16330 m 727 m difficult
Walking to the "Alte Goste" 1958 m 81 m easy
Hiking to the Mittertaler Ochsenalm Hut 4395 m 811 m difficult
High walk Anterselva 6732 m 584 m medium
Hike to the Ruins Castle Altrasen 1109 m 147 m medium
Hiking to the Steinzger Alm hut 3493 m 284 m medium
Hiking: Lutterkopf - Durakopf 17380 m 1176 m medium
Hiking to the Rauter Farms (Redensberg) 7015 m 391 m medium

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