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"All things are from water and all things are                                                   resolved into water"


Water is the source of all life and the most important resource for us humans. Experience the element water in many different ways on our water adventure hikes in the Antholz Valley. From the glaciers of the Rieserferner Group the water flows to the valley over rushing streams and waterfalls, forming beautiful lakes and meadow landscapes.

Ochsenfeld Lakes

This hike is a real insider hint and takes you to the beautiful Ochsenfeld Lakes.

Starting from Antholz Mittertal, cross the main road and walk over the bridge towards Riederhof. Then follow the hiking trail no. 1 past Camping Antholz to the turn-off towards Grüblalm. Follow the hiking trail no. 9 to the wind gap Grübl and then continue over the flat ridge to reach the Ochsenfeld lakes.

2 Lake Sight Hike

This hike takes you past the beautiful turquoise shimmering Lake Antholz to the Obersee Lake situated on the Staller Sattel. At the highest point you can enjoy the view of the two lakes and a wonderful mountain scenery.
Along the Antholz Lake, turn right and take path no. 7 to the mountain pasture Steinzgeralm. Then continue to the upper Steinzgeralm and turn left towards Staller Sattel via path no. 7a. There you will reach the viewpoint Zwei Seen Blick (two-lakes-view), from where you will descend to Staller Sattel. At that point you can walk around the Obersee Lake and then descend from the Staller Sattel to the Antholz Lake and complete the tour.


The Klammbach and Egger Waterfalls in Antholz-Mittertal are impressive natural spectacles in the middle of the Antholz Valley. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the cooling freshness of the water at the Egger Waterfall.
From the Mittertal sports zone, walk along the asphalted road up to the Eggerhof farmyards. Once there, follow the forest path through the mixed forest. After arriving at the panoramic platform you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Antholz Valley and the Rieserferner Group. Here, the water is of incredible power. The hike can then continue along the Mittertaler Höhenweg Path and at the end you can make a detour to the Egger Waterfall and enjoy the cooling freshness of the water.

                                 Biotope - „Wasserwaldile“

On this hike children can explore the water in a playful way on a circular trail through the biotope. At the end of the experience you can enjoy a Kneipp tour in the Niederrasen leisure park.
From the tourist office Niederrasen you can walk towards Oberrasen through the "Wasserwaldile", where you will find playgrounds for children based on the element water.
Continue to Oberrasen and then follow the signs to the biotope Rasner Möser. You can either take the same path or follow the Antholz Stream back to Niederrasen. The hike can then be concluded with a Kneipp tour at the Niederrasen leisure park. 

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Altitude difference
Water experience hike Forest - water park-Biotop 10624 m 165 m easy Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal
Water experience hike - Waterfalls 7250 m 566 m medium Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal
Water experience hike - two lake sight 13186 m 699 m medium Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal
Water experience hike - Ochsenfeld Lakes 8748 m 1269 m medium Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal

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