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Lonf-Distance Hiking – your balcony to the alps. Spend a week doing nothing but hiking in the lush natural surroundings of the mountains. Forget about your everyday worries while enjoying breathtaking views of the valleys and peaks.


The ZweiTälerTrail (Two-Valley Trail) from the Antholz Valley to Defereggen leads hikers through the pristine mountain landscape in East and South Tyrol.

The Antholz Valley and Defereggen Valley are both situated on the southern slopes of the Alps on the border between Italy and Austria. Mass tourism has not caught on here. The sparsely populated mountain region is nestled among high alpine nature reserves, making it a great insider tip for hiking fans seeking rest and recuperation.


Mountain farmers, churchgoers and smugglers once used the Two-Valley Trail route to get from one valley to the other. Come and embark on a journey back to this time!

The Two-Valley Trail starts in Hopfgarten in Defereggen, heads along the Staller Saddle mountain pass and ends in Rasen in the Antholz Valley. Seven daily stages spanning a total of 90 kilometres lie in store for hikers. 

This trail is the middle ground between a high-alpine long-distance trail and a mon otonous valley hiking path. It snakes along the middle altitudinal zone between high-alpine terrain and valley floors. Hikers can enjoy the unique views of the valley’s villages and the snow-capped mountain peaks. 


As they forge their way across the Lasörling Group, Villgraten Mountains and the three-thousanders in the Rieserferner Group. Metaphorically speaking, this entire route is a balcony to the Alps. At the end of each daily stage, hikers reach a village where they have the option of staying in a guest house, an inn or a hotel.

Lake Anterselva

                                 OVERVIEW OF THE STAGES


Stage 1: Hopfgarten to Maschlerhof (East Tyrol)
Motto: In the reign of Apollo; ascent: 1,200m; descent: 830m; length: 12.4 km; travel time: 5.5 hours
Stage 2: Maschlerhof to St. Veit (East Tyrol)
Motto: Among the mountain farmers; ascent: 325m; descent: 325m; length: 7.4 km; travel time: 2 hours
Stage 3: St. Veit to St. Jakob (East Tyrol)
Motto: Along the edge of the forest; ascent: 800m; descent: 900m; length: 11.5 km; travel time: 4 hours
Stage 4: St. Jakob to Maria Hilf in St. Jakob (East Tyrol)
Motto: The splendid flowers in the alpine meadows; ascent: 1,100m; descent: 1,100m; length: 14.8 km; travel time: 5.5 hours
Stage 5: Maria Hilf in St. Jakob to Antholzer See lake (East Tyrol - Antholz Valley)
Motto: Following in the footsteps of smugglers; ascent: 1,100m; descent: 900m; length: 15.9 km; travel time: 5 hours
Stage 6: Antholzer See lake to Antholz‐Mittertal (Antholz Valley)
Motto: At the foot of the Rieserferner Group; ascent: 800m; descent: 1,200m; length: 15.0 km; travel time: 4.5 hours
Stage 7: Antholz‐Mittertal to Niederrasen (Antholz Valley)
Motto: Whispers on the moors; ascent: 250m; descent: 450m; length: 13.3 km; travel time: 2.5 hours

TOTAL: ascent: 5,575 m; descent: 5,705 m; length: 90 km; travel time: 29 hours


This project has received funding from Interreg 2014-2020 - Italy-Austria - CLLD axis - “Dolomiti Live”.

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  • Presse conference in Lienz (Austria): end of October

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