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The Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal is known for its certainty of snow. Anyone who is looking for a genuine winter wonderland will love the Valle Anterselva. A hike along the fields of Rasun-Rasen, past the snow-covered biotope, in a fantastic winter setting, all while breathing in healthy winter air, provides the perfect balance to the hectic pace of everyday life and works like a balm for the soul. 


he closer you get to the end of the valley, the more massive the imposing peaks of the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner seem to be. Scenery like out of a picture book. A winter hike can also be combined with a sledding party – up by foot, and down on the sled.

TIps for winter hiking:

  • SHOE SPIKES are lightweight crampons you can tie under the hiking boots, very helpful in icy smooth spots.
  • GAITERS for slipping over shoes and pants are helpful when hiking in deep snow, so that no snow goes in the shoes and the pants will not get wet.
  • Take a THERMOS of hot tea to warm up.
  • SUNGLASSES and SUNSCREEN are very important in winter as the snow reflects and the sun can be very strong in winter.
  • Dress up on the ONION PRINCIPLE and take dry clothes with you, should your clothes get wet.
  • TREKKING POLES WITH LARGE PLATES to better balance and test whether the snow is hard or soft.
  • HEADLAMP if the walk takes longer and you are surprised by the darkness.
  • TOUR PLANNING: it should be noted that it gets dark early in the winter, not all huts are opened and times of the hikes are not transferable to the winter, as you slow down in the snow.


IMPORTANT: before starting reading the AVALANCHE REPORT exactly and adjust the tour accordingly.
Info weather and avalanche report: |


Do not use the cross-country slopes for hiking!

9 Results found
Altitude difference
Winter hike: Oberrasen - Bad Salomonsbrunn 4157 m 20 m easy
Winter hike: Circular route Antholz Niedertal - Bad Salomonsbrunn 3096 m 30 m medium
Winter hike: Niederrasen to Neunhäusern 2563 m 26 m easy
Winter hike: Niederrasen - Oberstall - Oberrasen 2744 m 166 m medium Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal
Winter hike: to the "Alte Goste" 1958 m 81 m easy
Winter hike: Biotope Rasner Möser 9116 m 42 m easy
Winter nature trail round the Lake Antholz 4007 m 79 m easy
Winter hike to the Hofstatt Alm hut 2384 m 245 m easy
Winter hike: Antholz Mittertal - Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva Lake 5895 m 395 m medium Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal

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