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Patatoes from Valle Aurina Ahrntal

Local Products of the Valle Aurina

Traveling around an area means experiencing it, living it. Getting involved in a place filled with new impressions with all of your senses. So – how does the Valle Aurina-Ahrntal smell? How does it taste?  What does it sound like and how does it feel? It smells like freshly cut herbs from the meadow, possesses a spicy tanginess in taste, glows green and yet is studded with gentle colorfulness and, if you could touch it, it would perhaps be as soft as sheep’s wool but as bristly as goat fur. Why exactly this comparison?  

Grey cheese Valle Aurina Ahrntal

The Valle Aurina is known for making cheese from cow, sheep, and goat milk, for its products made from meadow herbs and colorful berries, and with Ahrntal Natur it offers rural organic products from South Tyrol-Südtirol at the highest standards of quality. With 912 farms that are home to a total of ten thousand head of cattle, in Italy’s northernmost valley there are plenty of natural reasons to arrive at this idea. Anyone who would like to take a piece of this widely varied province home with them is also strongly advised to stop by some of the farmers in the valley who sell homemade items directly from the farm.

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