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Copper mine museum Predoi Prettau

Museums in the Valle Aurina

In the “far north of South Tyrol-Südtirol”, the tallest mountains in the province have always influenced the life of people. Today, the museum world of the Valle Aurina-Ahrntal allows visitors to penetrate deeper into the world of the mountains. In the St. Ignaz shaft of the Predoi-Prettau mine, visitors armed with a helmet and rain gear travel by mining rail into the past and have the daily grind of the mountain folk presented to them. In the “granary” of the former mine operation, the entire history of the copper mine is depicted and a good many old tools are on display. 

Copper mine museum Cadipietra

But it was not only copper that was wrested from the realm of the earth here: crystals and gems were also snatched from the damp shafts and dimly lit tunnels and carried off to the light of day. The Mineral Museum near S. Giovanni-St. Johann displays the precious treasures that grew in the dark depths over millions of years: fascinating colors and surprising dimensions.  Visitors can learn everything about the origin of the minerals, about searching for and finding the valuable pieces, and about their mysterious powers. 

Manger scenes from the Alps and other Western countries, along with some old utensils and rustic tools, are presented by the Maranatha Crèche MuseumA pastime that lies somewhere between handicraft and sacred art, a visit is worthwhile at any time. 
In the Visitors centre of the Nature Park in Casere-Kasern there you can get a lot of interesting information about flora and fauna of the local mountain area.

Mineral museum Kirchler

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