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Nature So Close You Can Touch It

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Nature so close you can touch it

Cows Valle Aurina Ahrntal

Hiking in the Valle Aurina

Past icy mountain lakes and perfumy meadows of herbs, over undulating Alpine pastures and along roaring waterfalls. Hiking is not just hiking. When people tie their hiking boots in the Valle Aurina-Ahrntal, they will certainly find themselves in one of the most varied areas of the Alps. Those hungry for variety can have a new adventure in nature every single day. For those starting small or heading out for the first time, they can venture to take the first steps of their hike on the many trails suitable for baby strollers or wheelchairs which still reward visitors with genuine feasts for the eyes on manageable routes.  

Those who love natural waters should take advantage of excursions to the many small and, at times, very idyllic lakes of the Valle Aurina. Things get louder at the waterfalls, which can also be reached within the framework of a mini-hike of just a few minutes by foot.  The Valle Aurina is located in the heart of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina/Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. So you absolutely should not miss a guided hike with which there is a great deal to learn about the secrets and beauty of this fascinating natural landscape. Additional thematic trails lead through all different elevations, such as the sunny Almenrunde (the Alpine Pasture Loop), which gourmets will especially enjoy - or the Hexensteig (Witch’s Trail), the Leonardiweg, or the Sunnsat – these are the sunny trails in the Valle Aurina. And they deliver what they promise.  

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Altitude difference
Wellness Trails Rio Bianco/Weißenbach 7488 m 504 m easy
Klaussee: 2162 m 3198 m 608 m medium
Sun Path Valle Aurina-Ahrntal - Sunnsat 18769 m 1074 m medium
Rauchkofel: 2653m 5115 m 1050 m difficult
Hiking tour to lake Klaussee 6218 m 639 m medium
Descent to Steinhaus 6270 m 76 m easy
Breite Rast: 2098m 4798 m 94 m medium
Miner's Path Predoi-Prettau 4430 m 556 m medium
High Altitude Path Predoi-Prettau 13118 m 960 m medium
The miner's path into the Röttal 9195 m 750 m medium
Hiking tour to the Sam cabins 10362 m 948 m medium
Hiking tour - Water gives life 12375 m 1062 m medium
On historic paths at Casere-Kasern 15003 m 1180 m medium
Ahrntal Sun Trails - Mountain huts round trip 24144 m 2352 m medium
St. Johann's meditational Path 2682 m 133 m easy Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
Hochfeld 2296m + Bärental 1837m 11557 m 1062 m medium
Health path Predoi-Prettau 4825 m 365 m easy Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
Niederhofer Alm: 1603m 9893 m 156 m medium
Hiking tour from Hühnerspiel to Wollbach 9380 m 1003 m medium
Hiking tour - Alpine rest areas 9649 m 1049 m medium
Hiking tour - Mountain pasture landscape 8381 m 816 m medium
Ahrntal Sun Trails - Leonardi Trail 3688 m 245 m easy Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
Ahrntal Sun Trail - Witch's Trail 3448 m 299 m medium
Hiking tour on the sunny side of Predoi-Prettau/Casere-Kasern 7034 m 622 m medium
Path of the Cross - Holy Spirit Chapel 2496 m 31 m easy Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
Ahrntal Sun Trail - Round trip to the waterfalls 3678 m 275 m medium Valle Aurina-Ahrntal
High Altitude Trail Lausitz 27371 m 2000 m difficult Valle Aurina-Ahrntal

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