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Alpine Coaster

Summer sledding in the Valle Aurina

The sport of sledding is very popular in South Tyrol-Südtirol and can be engaged in at many places during the winter months. Above all else in the Valle Aurina-Ahrntal, there are countless top sled runs. But you can also go sledding in the Valle Aurina in the summertime, too. Okay, not in the classic sense, but you can do so on a modern summer bobsled run, the Klausberg Flitzer (also known as the “Alpine Coaster”), a roller coaster that is located in the Klausberg ski area. The starting point of the run can be reached by taking the cable car (from the valley terminal of the Klausberg ski area) and then covering the last few yards by foot.  It’s hard to get enough of the adrenaline rush from the descent! 

The summer sled run is actually a year-round amusement facility, because it is also open during the winter. Have a good ride! 

Alpine Coaster

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