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Hiking in the mountains of Valdaora

Hiking in Valdaora

Mmmm, one more, and just one more disappears into the round mouth. The little hand reaches for the red that flashes there under the leaves. Wild strawberries taste irresistible. They hold the sun and wind. Both children and adults allow themselves to be tempted by the sweet fruit step after step. Even those little ones who grumble about the long walk already arrive at the Alpine refuge Angerer before they remember that they actually didn’t want to go for a hike in the first place.  
On the way to the Alpine refuge Brunst or the Alpine refuge Lanzwiese, the little stream at the edge of the path races over round rocks, and droplets sparkle under a fabric of leaves. Small branches and pine needles float on the water, and in the valley they tell the tale of the high mountains.

Hiking with the family in Valdaora

Here and there, the trees allow a free view of the imposing chain of mountains to the north.  Monte Magro-Magerstein, the Collalto-Hochgall, and the Colllaspro-Wildgall can be made out.  At the Malga Oberegger-Oberegger Alm, an old traditional wood-paneled Tyrolean Stube receives the hikers. For more than three centuries, it has guaranteed protection and security. The year 1680 is carved into the massive wooden beam. Every excursion stimulates the desire to discover and the spirit of adventure, since there is always something new to explore. And anyone who is not so fond of being on foot still does not have to do without the high elevation air. There is an Almtaxi [Alpine meadow taxi] that helps out twice a week.

Hiking in Valdaora

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