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Family & Children

The cableway cabin quickly swings up to the Plan de Corones-Kronplatz. Small gloves tightly clasp their pair of skis, red noses stretch toward the end of the window. But it is not only in the wintertime that eventful days in Brunico-Bruneck start out filled with adventure for children. Hikes into the Villa di Sopra-Oberwielenbach Valley and the Rio Molino-Mühlbach Valley are guaranteed to be suitable for the whole family, and they will get even the most confirmed homebody up and moving. Those who are bundles of energy can let off some steam at the sports zone near Falzes-Pfalzen, courageous climbers can challenge their parents at the Issengo-Issing tight rope course, and budding researchers can get to the bottom of things at the Folklore Museum in Teodone-Dietenheim, which offers an exciting children’s program.  

It goes without saying that children have very different interests. But there’s one thing that all of the little ones have in common: water is their favorite element. Whether in the outdoor swimming pool in Brunico or in the indoor swimming pool Cron4 with the long water slide – a day for splashing around absolutely ought to be a part of every family vacation in Brunico. The Indian Village in Riscone-Reischach or the horse farm with the petting zoo in Falzes will see to it that the vacation has something for everyone in the family.  “When do we get to come back here?” – when parents hear that, then they know that they made the right choice.

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