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sights in san vigilio and san martin

Strolling in San Vigilio/St.Vigil during the summer

Sights and events in San Vigilio

San Vigilio and San Martin are two charming villages with a number of Gothic buildings well worth visiting.

In this area of South Tyrol many people also speak Ladin, an ancient language  derived from Latin. Get to know the unique Ladin culture in San Vigilio where the Ladin language is spoken and ancient traditions are still celebrated.

Those interested in the history of this language community will find plenty of useful information at the Ladin Culture Institute. Locals are always happy to give visitors an insight into their traditions, customs and handicrafts



Not only this little-known culture but also the unique landscape draws visitors to San Vigilio. Stop for a snack in a traditional mountain hut or treat yourself to a Ladin meal in one of the region's restaurants.

The top events in the Pustertal Valley are all about music, fun, art and dance, while popular local handicrafts include pottery, felting and lace-making. Have a go yourself!



sights in san vigilio and san martin

  • Museums, monuments, towers and parish churches give an insight into the history of the Dolomites
  • Traditional festivals show the Ladin culture
  • Tranquility and relaxation in the "Spiagetta Ciamaor"
Church in San Vigilio/St.Vigil - Dolomites

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