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San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund butterfly trail


San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund butterfly trail

Scattered throughout the sunny hillside between San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund and Terento/Terenten, the local farms have long shaped and fostered the landscape with great care. Colourful meadows in full bloom, scented forests and plenty of pristine nature – the perfect habitat for butterflies of all kinds and sizes. Before setting off, don't forget to pay a visit to the beautiful Gothic church of San Sigismondo/St. Sigmund. This parish church is one of the most exquisite architectural heritage sites in all of South Tyrol. First mentioned in the records as early as 1363, the current form was built between 1449 and 1489 and is home to one of the oldest and most significant winged altars in the region which dates back to 1440.
Further on along the trail, many curious sights bear witness to the influence of nature and time: Alongside scores of glacial erratics, the Casteldarne/Ehrenburg Giants are the stuff legends are made of – and legend has it that they used huge rocks to tear down Guggenschlössl Castle, leaving only its ruins as a reminder of wilder times. The ruins of Aschburg Castle on the other hand are the only remnants of the former hunting lodge used by the Schöneck hunting gentry.Past the Schiffereggerhof you return to the starting point.

Difficulty medium
Technik ■■
Condition ■■■
Experience ■■■■
Landscape ■■■■
Altitude 780 m / 1160 m


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How to arrive

St. Sigmund-parking at the church

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Difficulty medium
Distance 7.5 km
Duration 03:00 hours
Climb 380 m
Descent 380 m

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