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Floodlit slopes

Night-time Skiing at Kronplatz

If you're not done with skiing after a full day on the Kronplatz slopes and want to experience the thrill of night-time snow fun, you're definitely in the right place. A number of select lifts and floodlit slopes, specially prepared for plenty of skiing fun in the dark, make for an unforgettable adventure which every passionate skier should try out at least once!


 Slope  Lift  Day  Time  State
 Korer*  Korer  Tuesdays & Saturdays  7.30 pm -10.00 pm    closed
 Cianross*  Cianross  Tuesdays & Thursdays   8.00 pm -10.00 pm  closed
 Terenten  Terenten  Fridays  7.00 pm - 09.30 pm  from 07.01.22
 Guggenberg    Guggenberg/Taisten    Fridays  7.30 pm -10.00 pm  closed

* can also be used for night-time sledging

Prices 2019/20

Lift Adults Junior Child
Korer 13,00€ 9,00€ 7,00€
Cianross 15,00€ 10,00€ 7,00€
Terenten 10,00€ 8,00€ 8,00€
Guggenberg/Taisten 3,00€ with Skipass  |  5,00€ without Skipass



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