Rules of behavior

If you want to fully experience and enjoy our unique alpine world, there are some important rules of conduct to be observed on all your activities in the mountains. Some will ensure your safety, others the preservation of our environment.

How to prepare yourself for the tour

  1. Don’t overestimate your abilities
    Look for routes that suit your abilities, fitness and experience. Essential keywords: surefootedness and a head for heights.
  2. Check your equipment
    Always be sure that your equipment is both complete and well maintained. Sturdy and well profiled shoes, rain gear and warm clothes are a must.
  3. Check the weather conditions
    Have a look at the local weather conditions before heading out on any tour. After all, nothing changes as quickly as the weather in the mountains.
  4. Plan carefully
    Maps and tour descriptions provide informations on what to expect along the route. It can also be useful to remember some reference points and rest stops. Also make sure to drink enough to stay hydrated.
  5. How to behave in an emergency
    In the event of an emergency: keep calm and 1) protect the injured from any further danger, 2) provide first aid, 3) call the emergency number 112 and keep close to the injured person.

On tour

  1. Don’t leave the signposted trails
    Never underestimate the alpine world, which is why you should never leave the signposted and paved tracks.
  2. Respect the signs
    Respect the information and warning signs you might meet along your route. This also includes keeping out of private property.
  3. Avoid accessing pastures
    If the route crosses grazing areas, keep following the hiking trail.
  4. Close fences
    Remember to close any fences and pasture gates.
  5. Pick up your waste
    Never leave your waste behind: pick it up and discard it in the next bin.
  6. Don’t feed wild and grazing animals
    Avoid any contact with wild and grazing animals, behave quietly and do not feed them.
  7. Don’t pick flowers
    The mountains are home to numerous species of protected plants. Collecting them is therefore strictly forbidden so as to ensure their preservation.

In the mountains with your dog

  1. Muzzle your dog
    In Italy, it is mandatory to muzzle your dog on all public transport services and lift facilities. In public places (including the mountains) you must always have a muzzle at hand and use it when required.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash
    In Italy, you are also obliged to always keep your dog on a leash with a walking length of no more than 1.5 metres.
  3. Keep a safe distance from wild and grazing animals
    In the event of encountering wild or grazing animals, you should not only keep a safe distance but also walk your dog on the side facing away from the animals.
  4. Collect your dog’s droppings
    When you are walking around with your dog, remember to take dog waste bags with you, which you can discard in the appropriate bins.
  5. Keep your dog away from playgrounds
    Playgrounds are protected areas where children should be able to play as safely as possible. In order to ensure their safety, it is forbidden to keep dogs inside the playground areas.

Rules of conduct when paragliding

  1. Keep away from pasture animals
    Make sure to only follow the recommended paragliding routes to reduce any stress for wild and pasture animals to a minimum as well as to safeguard our flora. So, be sure to check the approved paragliding routes in advance.
  2. Keep away from lift facilities
    Paragliding in proximity to the routes of our lift facilities is strictly forbidden. Any violation of the existing provisions may result in administrative penalties and the withdrawal of your permit to access our lift facilities.