Cube x Kronplatz Bike Park
A shared vision

The collaboration with Kronplatz Bike Park promises improvements in a number of areas for the mountain bike world. Together our focus will be on creating the best possible experience for riders. This includes the integration of new technologies and innovations into the bike park's existing trails and infrastructure.


The ultimate companion for your bike park adventure

Eagle Mountain bikers know that the best bike for off-road is a full suspension bike. But not all mountain bikers are the same, and every trail is different. CUBE's Stereo range has always encapsulated the full gamut of mountain biking, from the nature-loving weekend explorer to the alp-bagging enduro rider, and everyone in between.

Now, with a completely revised Stereo ONE range, there really is a bike to suit any rider. Kinematics, geometry and spec are all carefully tailored to intended use. The result? No compromise.

CUBE is calling it Stereo ONEderland – a smorgasbord of suspension delights with something to suit every mountain biker's taste.

For riders with curiosity running through their veins, the evergreen Stereo ONE22 is a great choice: 120mm of travel, straightforward handling and the ideal weekend adventurer.



CUBE Stereo ONE77 C:68X

Who says you have to compromise? The Stereo C:68X ONE77 takes our Advanced Twin Mold construction and premium C:68X® carbon, and steps things up a notch or two. With low weight and Agile Ride Geometry, it's got mountain goat ability on the climbs. And, thanks to adjustable suspension and geometry, it's as fast coming back down as a mountaineer being chased by a yeti. Probably.

CUBE Stereo Hybrid ONE55 C:68X

What would happen if we combined a truly lightweight frame build with mountain-conquering suspension and Bosch's fourth generation drive system? This: the Stereo Hybrid ONE55. With a frame constructed from our premium C:68X® carbon, it's the lightest full suspension hybrid intube frame we've ever made. And, with progressive geometry and kinematics, it's a true tamer of Alpine descents.

Sustainable support for work at the summit
Cargo Hybrid

The CUBE Cargo Hybrid is more than just a bike; it is an environmentally friendly solution to make work on the summit efficient and safe. Thanks to this electric cargo bike with a 200-litre transport box and a load capacity of 60 kg, we not only reduce the ecological footprint, but also minimize the traffic load on the paths so as not to affect pedestrians.


This environmentally conscious initiative underlines CUBE's commitment to sustainable mobility and safety. The CUBE Cargo Hybrid makes it possible to use fewer cars, which not only protects the environment, but also ensures the safety of workers and customers. A win-win situation that increases the efficiency of work at the summit while respecting nature.