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The Monguelfo Museum

Where nature can still reign free and wild and people live really sparsely spread out through the valley, the landscape itself is the only “museum”. But there is a significant “exhibition” that has been staged by people to be observed in the holiday area of the Val Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido.  In Monguelfo, a path may be followed in the footsteps of Paul Troger. The “Paul Troger Route” leads from the birthplace of the famous Baroque painter to the parish church, where he created the images on the high altar and side altars, and on to the “Pacher” wayside shrine, before continuing to the Troger monument, the Rainkirche church, and Welsperg Castle. And the latter also has its tales to tell: of the old lords of Monguelfo, of eventful centuries, and of the cultural events that are held here today.

Paul Troger and Monguelfo

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