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Things to see in Pustertal

Bruneck Castel

Highlights in the Kronplatz region

The landscape around the Kronplatz region is characterised by majestic mountains, shimmering lakes and lush forests. Must-see highlights include: 

  • Culture: Countless castles & fortresses, such as Bruneck Castle, invite visitors to take a journey back in time to the Middle Ages. There are also many small chapels & churches to admire. Tip! The St. Georg Chapel in Taisten is the oldest church building in the Pustertal Valley.
  • Museums: A visit to the local museums on mountain sports, archaeology and local traditions is a must for all visitors to the region.
  • Nature: Admire rich flora and fauna in one of three nature parks in the Kronplatz  region. If you are lucky you might even see a chamois.
  • Handicrafts: In the region's small side valleys the tradition of handicrafts continues today. Demonstrations and open workshops allow visitors to learn more about wood carving, lace-making and tailoring.
  • Events: There is a whole host of groups and associations in the region keeping traditions and customs alive. Events include traditional processions in autumn as cattle are brought back down from the high summer pastures into the valley as well as many concerts and anniversary celebrations.


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