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The Fascination of Frozen Water

Skates ice skating in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

Ice skating

The power of attraction of a mirror-smooth ice surface awakens the desire to be the first one to lay down edge marks on it. And not only in the heads of dreamy ice princesses. The sharp curves from the blades of hockey players produce exciting films in the head in which everyone wants to play a role. 

Ice skating: there is just something about it. Little children, grown-ups, and everyone in between all love to venture out with the same enthusiasm, although with differing levels of proficiency, onto the flat surface.

Ice skating Kronplatz Holiday Region

It is thanks to the cool winters that the Kronplatz Holiday Region has a surprisingly large selection of ice skating rinks from which to choose. Anyone who cannot get enough of the images of the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley winter can head for the natural outdoor skating areas. On top of that, every community in the region has its own skating rink. The most athletically inclined will head to the skating rink in Riscone-Reischach, the man-made ice center in Monguelfo-Welsberg, and the ice arena in Brunico-Bruneck

Ice skating in Terento in the Kronplatz Holiday Region


The crisper the temperature, the warmer the hearts of dyed-in-the-wool ice athletes become. When the frost hangs deep in the trees and every branch is covered with a glittering winter coat, then they can be found at the natural outdoor skating areas: faces furrowed by the years and by the weather, frozen breath on beards and eyebrows, patient until long after the sun has set. Curling is an ancient traditional sport that is played especially in cold winter areas such as the Kronplatz Holiday Region. It is enjoyed with great passion by young and old alike. Everyone should give it a try! 

Curling at Monguelfo

skating Rinks

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