Paragliding & Tandem flying
Dancers in the wind

With radiantly beautiful weather, they can be seen dancing through the air. Small specks of color gliding elegantly and deliberately from majestic mountains down into the distant valley. Looking up, wishing to be able to change places with them, to be able to just once look around – at the fantastic landscape images of the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley and down to the treetops reaching up to the sky, at tiny toy cars and people as small as ants. Why not? 
The Kronplatz region is extremely popular with paragliders. The starting point is right on the Plan de Corones-Kronplatz at 2,275 m above sea level. The current and detailed weather information for safe flying is provided by the Kronplatz Weather Station. 

The adventure of freedom

In principle, the dream of flying can come true for anyone. In both summer and winter, trained paragliding specialists accompany the courageous of any age within the framework of their own tandem flights that they offer. A genuine experience and a big chunk of freedom that absolutely has to be tasted at least once. 

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