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Right in the middle of the mountains, close to the Dolomites, where the climate is more inclement and the winter is more biting, well-being is the subject the whole year-round. Above all else after athletic winter days, the sauna and the whirlpool are luring to relax the muscles and the soul. There is a scent of wood, of a pine forest, of the mountains, of those proud giants that peek inside the windows with curiosity. That is Alpine wellness. 

Bathing worlds, sauna landscapes, whirlpool oases, quiet rooms. A true wellness highlight is the Cron 4 in Riscone-Reischach. A temple of wellbeing that not only speaks to each one of the senses, but also unites all of the elements. The transition to the outside flows smoothly and is hardly noticeable. Thus under the open sky, white steam rises from the warm pools, and after a relaxing or stimulating pour of water over the hot coals in a sauna cabin, the body is cooled off in the fresh snow.  

Wellness pool in the Kronplatz holiday region

Rich, Healing Springs

The beneficial force of sulphur is closely associated with the springs that rise up in the Kronplatz region. A number of public medicinal baths all initiate their guests into the secrets and workings of warm sulphur baths.  Thus the Bad Bergfall issues an invitation for a dip in its Emperor’s Tub or its Fountain of Youth Tub. Bad Valdander draws its mineral-rich water from a lime-rich dripstone cave. The oldest of the bath facilities is located in S. Vigilio di Marebbe-St. Vigil in Enneberg. Le Bagn Aqua Bad Cortina has been pampering its spa guests since as early as 1780 and has a silver quartzite tub that is unique in all the world. 

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