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Shopping in the oldtown of Brunico-Bruneck

Shopping in Val Pusteria

Shopping for the handmade, the local – taking a piece of vacation home with you. 

Crowded shopping malls, waiting in long lines.  Mass-produced goods.  Shopping in the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley is different!  At farmers' markets and weekly markets, freshly harvested fruits and vegetables are piled up to dizzying heights.  This is the place to buy direct from the producers!  The sellers are recognized by their blue aprons and the earth still on their hands.

In the entire market landscape of the Val Pusteria, one very special one stands out: the Stegona-Stegen Market, the largest market in all of Tyrol, which is held once a year at the Stegona Market Place in Brunico-Bruneck.  It is possible to wander through the stands for more than a kilometer, and between haggling and free samples there are odds and ends next to typical local products for eating, putting on, or decorating.  

Gourmet Shopping Pustertal

SHopping area

Taking a stroll in the classic way is best in the historical city center of Brunico.  In the lively, colorful via Centrale-Stadtgasse, small shops are lined up next to big-name boutiques, and in every free space in between, a café or an aperitif bar squeezes in.  The original South Tyrol-Südtirol look of traditional costume next to Italian fashion labels, gourmet shops next to organic food stores, the rustic next to the latest. 

Shopping Brunico Centre

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