Summer hiking in the Kronplatz region
Experience summer at the Kronplatz

… on foot. As an active vacationer, your summer in and around the Kronplatz is all about experience! The unspoilt nature of the Pustertal valley awaits you with hiking adventures that will last forever in your memories. Along with the Fanes-Sennes-Prags, Puez-Geisler and Rieserferner-Ahrn nature reserves, you can explore three nature parks  whose landscapes are as varied as they are beautiful. Wide valley plains and romantic side dales, dense forests and extensive alpine pastures, jagged mountain peaks and rugged alpine plateaus as well as roaring waterfalls and dreamlike crystal-clear lakes. Discover the fascinating alpine world of our Dolomites and embark on unique adventures along well-marked trails. Whether you are looking for personal adventures amidst awe-inspiring rock faces, family-friendly trails leading to alpine pastures or if you want to explore hidden natural treasures – experience the Kronplatz hiking world and let yourself be amazed by the colourful nature of our region!

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Hike | © Hannes Niederkofler
Antholz Valley
2 valley trail
Distance 90,7 km
Duration 29 h 00 min
Ascent 5.575 m
Decent 5.705 m
Hinterbergkofel | © Anna Notdurfter, Tourismusverein Antholzertal
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Antholz Valley
Hinterbergkofel 2.726m
Distance 3,1 km
Duration 2 h 15 min
Ascent 690 m
Decent 17 m
Antholz Valley
11 Summit Tour
Distance 32,5 km
Duration 12 h 10 min
Ascent 3.139 m
Decent 2.571 m
Harald Wisthaler | © Harald Wisthaler, Bruneck Kronplatz Tourismus
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Bruneck and surroundings
The story of stones
Distance 16,3 km
Duration 3 h 00 min
Ascent 422 m
Decent 422 m
Col Bechei | © Carlo Obwegs, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Mountain hike: Fanes - Col Bechei
Distance 3,9 km
Duration 2 h 19 min
Ascent 736 m
Decent 11 m
CT San Vigilio | © CT San Vigilio, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Via ferrata tour PIZ DA PERES
Distance 0,4 km
Duration 1 h 31 min
Ascent 186 m
Decent 35 m
Hochalpensee | © Manuel Kottersteger, Olang
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Olang/Valdaora, San Vigilio - San Martin
Lake Colli Alti - mountain three fingers
Distance 11,2 km
Duration 4 h 14 min
Ascent 1.116 m
Decent 1.116 m
Sas dla Para | © Carlo Obwegs, St. Vigil in Enneberg
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San Vigilio - San Martin
Mountain hike to Sas dla Para
Distance 3,0 km
Duration 1 h 34 min
Ascent 478 m
Decent 111 m
Bruneck and surroundings
Legend Trail
Distance 3,7 km
Duration 1 h 01 min
Ascent 86 m
Decent 86 m
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