Little Kronplatz

Heaps of fun and joyful moments for the whole family – welcome to Little Kronplatz!

Big or small, old and young: At the Little Kronplatz adventure park, everyone is in for a treat!

Let Little Kronplatz show you the exciting winter-wonderland of skiing at Kronplatz.

At this family-friendly “miniature” version of the ski resort, kids and grown-ups can see, experience and learn in a playful way how a ski station works. A total of five different stations promise all kinds of fun and entertainment:

The first is a snow cat, which children can climb into to get a first-hand glimpse of these impressive tracked snow groomers. An interactive buzzer brings the snow cat to life, as it explains what its job is during the winter season at Kronplatz.

The snow cannon, too, has a buzzer – one that conjures up snowflakes of a very special kind: soap bubbles. And of course the snow cannon also explains who it is and what it does in a simple, child-friendly way.

But the absolute highlights are no doubt the 6 m tall, climbable lift mast, the summer tubing track and the magic carpet. With its air-cushioned tyres, the summer tubing track never fails to deliver buckets of adrenaline and fun galore. And while the magic carpet takes the brave tubers back to the starting point, they get to find out more about “enchanted conveyor belts”. Plus, there’s also something special in store for young climbing fans looking for adrenaline: Perfectly secured by a safety harness and rope, kids can climb a whopping six meters all the way to the top of a lift mast. Once they’re reached the top, the brave climbers are rewarded with thrilling views and get to jump down again. Pure adventure!

And of course there’s also the no. 1 attraction on Kronplatz – the stunning Concordia 2000 peace bell: Little Kronplatz has its very own miniature version of the beautiful instrument, and it’s one of the hands-on gems of the park. With the help of a rope, kids can make it chime and delight everyone near and far with the lovely and impressive sound of the bell.

A fantastic experience not only for our youngest guests – grown-ups too can learn, explore and experience all kinds of new things at Little Kronplatz!

Where: right next to the Ried-/Gipfelbahn lift

Admission fee: Admission to the adventure park (incl. the tyres) is free of charge; only the climbing gear* is subject to a rental fee: 1 child/hour 8€, 1 child + 1 adult/hour 14€.

*The safety equipment can be used for both the lift mast and the climbing park next door.
Via Johann-Georg-Mahl 40/Bruneck - 39031 Kronplatz
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