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The new Snowpark Kronplatz-Plan de Corones is placed between the slopes Belvedere and Plateau at 2.230 m over the sea level and is oriented towards south-east. To reach it you have to use the Belvedere cable cars. No matter if  you are a freestyle freak or a beginner; in the park the fun is guaranteed thanks to 4 different lines: an easy line, a medium rail line, a medium kickerline and - for children and families - a family fun line.


Family Fun Line:
Whoops, steep turns, tunnels, Fun Run elements and the new F-tech Family Fun Boxes

Easy Line:
6 Easy Kicker between 1 - 3 mt
6 Boxen, 3 new boxes

Medium Rail Line:
with 7 medium Rails for advanced
Sliding Tube 5m

Medium Kicker Line:
with 2 Medium Kicker Tables with 2 jumps

Korer Park

The Korer Park is located on the track Korer at the valley station of Brunico/Riscone. The park can be reached by cable car Korer without problems. This park is built especially for children and is open every day and twice a week in the evening.


Flat Butter Box 6m

Jump Butter Box 6m

Wave Butter Box 6m

Rainbow Butter Box 6m

Flat Down Flat Butter Box 9m

Sliding Tube 5m

Kids Safety Park

The Kids’ Safety Park is a fenced-off part of the Olang 2 ski run and is located below the Alpen Connecting mountain terminal. With its slalom run, numerous banked turns and tunnels, and even a castle, the park provides no end of fun! But the Kids’ Safety Park is above all else a very valuable institution of learning in which our ski instructors use a playful manner to give children a better understanding of correct behaviour on the ski slopes. At the forefront in this regard are the rules of conduct of the international winter sports federation FIS.

playground Snow

The playgroundSNOW is located on the Pedagà ski run in San Vigilio di Marebbe-St. Vigil in Enneberg.  The park has several freestyle elements available, such as a horizontal gate, a kicker, banked turns, roller coasters, quarterpipes, both transverse and longitudinal waves, etc.  The park is suitable for clubs and experts, but also for beginners who would like to learn how to safely deal with freestyle elements along with their ski instructors.  playgroundSNOW is also a lifestyle infrastructure.  Cool sounds and chill furniture are right in place for the chill area to take care of what the youthful target group wants and needs.

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