Skills Parks in the Kronplatz Bike Park
Skills Park Cir

The Skills Park Cir  is located right next to the Cir mountain inn at the top end of the Piz de Plaies lift. In a space that’s just the right size, this skilfully constructed practice course offers a number of different technical passages that cater for all MTB levels – including a series of obstacles that can be tackled at low speed, making them perfect for beginners and not just for advanced riders. For newbie riders in particular, the park is an ideal setting to get a taste for jumps, steep bends, logs, balance beams and other critical situations that are a great way to consolidate and improve their riding skills. And for pros, too, it’s the perfect place to boost, improve or simply fine-tune their course-riding and jumping skills.

Skills Park Kronplatz

The Skills Park at the Kronplatz summit (located next to the Concordia peace bell) offers all MTB enthusiasts a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and push their limits with its practice elements. Every jump, every turn and every challenge will encourage bikers to improve their skills and go beyond themselves.

In the Skills Park, participants learn to handle speed, maintain balance and hold their own in any situation.



  • Long Wave
  • Roots
  • 180° Berm
  • Mini Roof
  • Balance
  • Slalom
  • Podium
  • Swing
  • Multiline
  • Drop 20