Just like a real hunter!

Equipped with a modern sports bow and colorful arrows, the “hunt” begins.  In a section of forest near Valdaora-Olang, plastic wild animals that look fascinatingly genuine serve as the targets for shooting with a bow and arrow. 

Archery is an exciting sport that requires tremendous concentration and skill.  In order for the adventure to stay safe, everybody first gets an introduction by a pro.  The numerous descriptions along the course provide the opportunity to get to know the features of wild animals better.  

3D archery course in Valdaora-Olang

The “Kron Arc Adventure” is popular with families with children, and not least because the little ones (with a minimum age of eight years old) can prowl through the woods like Robin Hood and put their skill and accuracy to the test.  The smartphone and Xbox are then soon forgotten.  During the summertime, the shade of the forest provides the necessary cooling and serves as natural sun protection.  


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