High rope course
© Gabriel Kammerer © Gabriel Kammerer

Balacing act in the lofty heights

© Gabriel Kammerer

When adventure calls in the adventure parks of the Kronplatz region, then you’ve just got to try it out. Climbing up to the highest of all of the trees, skillfully balancing on a wobbly cable bridge, or just quickly “flying” from one tree to the next. 

From the small children’s courses, which incidentally are the forerunners in all of South Tyrol-Südtirol, to genuine challenges that already require some strong nerves – as well as a lack of dizziness. The adventure parks are also well situated. Families or groups that are able to try out, among other things, hand-in-hand team training, trust, and communication will find numerous hiking trails and possibilities for excursions around the tightrope courses of the Pustertal valley

Bruneck and surroundings
KRONaction Adventure Parc
Climbing parks