Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel
Public Transportation
Bus - and railway service

All of the villages in the Kronplatz region are connected to the local public transportation network. The main stations for both trains and buses are located in Brunico-Bruneck.  Bus and railway service are available throughout the entire year. For bicycle transport the capacity in the trains is limited.

In Brunico/Bruneck a Citybus service is offered in addition to the public bus service. The Citybus service provides a regular traffic between Brunico and the surrounding villages.

Railway stations:
  • Chiene-Kiens/Casteldarne-Ehrenburg
  • San Lorenzo-St. Lorenzen
  • Brunico-Bruneck central station
  • Brunico-Bruneck Nord
  • Perca-Percha
  • Valdaora-Olang