Family & Children at Kronplatz
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Children's hearts beat faster


Kinder | © Skirama Kronplatz
Discovering the world

The ski and active mountain Kronplatz offers many leisure activities for families all year round. The activities and programs are varied and are particularly well received by children.
While in winter the focus is on skiing (Kronplatz has various children's areas, a safety park, a children's restaurant and countless children's skiing courses and childcare options), in summer it is the Kron trampoline, climbing facilities and various programs that captivate children and families.


New in summer


At Kronplatz, the summer season is jam-packed with highlights for kids and grown-ups alike. In other words, weeks and weeks of guaranteed fun and pure family bliss!


The Little Kronplatz adventure world shows even the youngest what all is necessary for skiing in winter at Kronplatz. At the Kronplatz treasure hunt, on the other hand, children can immerse themselves in the legendary world of the Dolomites and at the same time search for a hidden treasure. Those who like to observe can turn their full attention to the brand new wooden ball track - wooden balls make their way downhill on an obstacle course about 40 meters long.


Have fun!

Summer highlights


Little Kronplatz


Treasure hunt


Wood Ball Track


Via Ferrata


Kron Trampoline