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Thrills on the water
Rafting | © KreativRaft
Rafting | © KreativRaft
Pure adrenaline!

Watching is great – trying it out is even greater! No element seeks its own path in such a determined way as water.  Is that perhaps what gives it its particular allure, conquering the wet element on its wild journey through the rivers and streams of the Kronplatz region?

And with adventurous boat rides, you can start out small: for example, with a rafting tour suitable for the whole family through quiet waters, with which the natural beauty of the area can be observed in complete peace while comfortably rocking back and forth.

Wild journey through the rivers

When, on the other hand, the river gets narrower, the drops get bigger, and boulders, waves, and pitching and rolling demand the captain’s complete concentration, that’s when the adrenaline junkies start to have fun. Wild water tours are possible from May to October, depending upon the weather.  The adventure can be booked with a variety of providers, all of which, though, are well trained. 

Man jumps from waterfall | © KreativRaft
Man jumps from waterfall | © KreativRaft
Natural heritage for adventurers

Abseiling down a 40 meter (130 foot) gorge, eye to eye with a thundering waterfall, freefall jumps into crystal-clear ponds, gliding down over boulders which, in its work over millennia, the water has shaped into natural, smooth slides.  

The Kronplatz region offers adventurous tours filled with variety through the most exciting water areas.  What especially stands out here is the unique gorge landscape of the Rienza-Rienz: an heirloom of nature that only discloses its most beautiful and most exciting side to the most courageous.

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