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General Conditions of Sale

  1. Dolomiti Superski and the twelve lift network associations act on behalf of legally independent companies ("the operators") who are solely responsible for operating the lifts and providing all other services connected to it. The operators are the sole and exclusive parties to this contract.

  2. All tickets are personal IDs which include the holder's name, surname and/or photo. They may not be transferred, given away free of charge, exchanged or altered in any way whatsoever and cannot be refunded.

  3. Providing transportation from the valley to the peak station or vice versa shall be the sole object of the contract. Any activity subsequent to the use of the lifts (hiking, trekking, mountain biking, freeride cycling etc.) is not an object of the contract and shall be carried out at the user's own risk. We strongly recommend adapting your activities to your individual abilities and skills, the landscape and terrain, the weather and visibility conditions as well as the state of the paths and trails; please make sure you pay attention to the signs which you may come across and choose your route according to your abilities and bearing in mind the lift opening hours.

  4. Valid proof of ID is required to claim a junior's (J) or child discount (B); please note that self-declarations are not sufficient. The ID card presented must provide written proof that its holder is entitled to the discount claimed.

  5. Upon accepting a free ticket for children under the age of eight (valid proof of ID required), the signatory declares to be aware of the stipulations of the Italian Civil Liability Act (art. 2047 and 2048 of the Italian Civil Code) regarding the supervision of minors during the use of lift facilities. Moreover, the signatory also declares to be aware of the provisions contained in Act no. 363/2003 (Legge n. 363/2003) including its amendments and additions as well as all other applicable specifications. The operators shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the improper use of the facilities or the consequences of inadequate conduct during the use of the facilities and/or all connected areas.

  6. To allow the lift staff or other ticket inspectors to check your identity during the use of the facilities, please note that you must at once produce your ticket whenever asked to do.

  7. All misuse shall be subject to the confiscation and/or revocation/cancellation of your ticket as well as legal action at the discretion of the operator.

  8. Confiscated or wilfully damaged tickets cannot be refunded or replaced. Replacements for lost seasonal tickets (not applicable for day passes!) can be applied for at all major points of sale upon citing the issue number of the original ticket. The original number is required to prevent the fraudulent use of lost tickets. All new tickets will be issued starting from the day after the application was submitted and the original ticket cancelled. All replacement tickets are subject to a service charge of € 5. The service charge cannot be refunded even if the original ticket is found.

  9. All tickets issued shall be considered a loan to their holder. The holder is therefore responsible for the correct use of their ticket, which remains the property of its issuer.

  10. All tickets shall be considered equivalent to tax receipts as set forth in D. M. 30/06/1992 incl. all subsequent amendments and additions, and must be kept for the duration of the journey.

  11. Since the operability of the facilities depends on external conditions (e.g. weather, safety or instructions issued by the authorities), no responsibility shall be assumed for the facilities to run at all times.

  12. Data privacy: All information required as stipulated in art. 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (D. Lgs. 196/2003) is available for inspection at our ticket sales points and on the Dolomiti Superski website.

  13. Ticket prices are subject to change in the event of extraordinary political intervention concerning fiscal, currency or social policy.

  14. In case of any discrepancies between the different language versions, the Italian version of these terms of sale shall prevail.

  15. Bolzano/Bozen shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction and Italian law shall be the only applicable law for any dispute arising in connection with the scope of the transportation agreement or the present terms of sale.

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