Prices groups

  1. In order to ensure organised groups the greatest possible information and to enable them to purchase the ski passes for the Kronplatz ski area and for the Dolomiti Superski ski region in a fast, simple and straightforward way, the relevant reductions and regulations are presented below.
  2. "Organized group" means that the group leader presents himself/herself at the ticket office with a list of the participants' names and purchases and pays for all the ski passes. On the name list, which must be presented on the organisation's headed letter-paper, the participants have to be listed separately according to their sex and age (men, women, children born after 27 November 2013, young persons born after 27 November 2005 and senior citizens born before 27 November 1956 and the period of validity of the ski pass. For children, young persons and senior citizens it is necessary to present valid identity cards or passports since their reductions differ from the adults' ones.
  3. When purchasing day or multi-day lift tickets, organised groups which meet the above-mentioned requirements and consist of at least 20 persons are either granted a 5% reduction on all the tickets paid in full or given one free ticket for every 20 ski passes of the same kind purchased. The group reduction cannot be granted in conjunction with other special offers or reductions.
  4. Groups of pupils and students consisting of at least 20 persons that do not take advantage of the reduction for young persons (born after 27 November 2005) are granted a 10% discount on the full price of the lift tickets for the Kronplatz ski area and 1 free skipass for the group leader. In this case the name lists must be presented on the school's headed letter-paper, signed and stamped with the school's stamp.
  5. The ski passes can either be paid cash, by credit card (CartaSì, Visa, Master, Eurocard, AmEx) or by bank transfer in advance. In the latter case the bank charges must be paid by the customer and the amount due must have been credited to the quoted bank account before the tickets are issued. No cheques are accepted except for traveller's cheques.
  6. Those organisations, however, that want to bill their commission (written agreement with the "Skirama Kronplatz" or the "Dolomiti Superski" management is required) on the basis of the total amount of tickets purchased during the winter season (the minimum amount is € 30,000), are not entitled to any further reductions or free tickets. For mutual control, the organisation must ask the ticket office for a signed and stamped list of the tickets purchased. At the end of the winter season these confirmations have to be submitted to the head office of Skirama Kronplatz or Dolomiti Superski together with the commission invoice before 30 April 2021.


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