Tradition & Artisanship
Tradition & Artisanship
Mir Puschtra: Our traditions, our language and culture

We from the Pustertal valley are deeply connected to our customs and traditions. They remind us of our origins and of what characterises us for hundreds of years. A precious and above all lively heritage, traditional and modern at the same time. This can not only be seen in our fresh and casual "Puschtra" dialect, which is influenced by the South Bavarian and Ladin dialects and shows many different facets depending on the side valley you are in, it can also be perceived in our customs: Time and again, traditional events & local markets such as the "Kirschtamichl", “Stegener Markt” or the Christmas market reawaken times long past. A unique atmosphere created by our music bands and folk dancers as well as by traditional costumes and culinary specialities of our region. Come to our “Puschtotoul” (as we call our valley), listen to our stories and discover our traditions!

Between artisanship & agriculture

Talking about our culture is not possible without talking about craftsmanship and agriculture. Both are deeply rooted in our tradition and represent, then and now, an invaluable asset for our green valley. Artisans, farmers and peasants guard the secrets of the past and experiences that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Whether woodcarving, basket weaving and woodturning or lace-making, weaving and wool felting to produce loden: The dedication and passion with which our artisans create their products is reflected in every single detail, in the quality and creativity of their works. Our agricultural farms are likewise authentic, sustainable and traditional, and their natural products such as herbs, cheese, bacon, honey or mountain pine oil embody all our traditions and values in their taste.

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