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Seasonal skipass Dolomiti Superski 2021/22


The Dolomiti Superski offer in detail
Start of the season: 27.11.2021
End of the season: 24.04.2022

At the beginning and the end of the season it is possible that the skiable area could be limited.

Dolomiti Superski skipass with a choice of days

  • 8 days in the season: € 410,00
  • for juniors (born after 27.11.2005): € 275,00

By re-purchasing the 8-days at choice in the season ticket for the winter season 2021/22, the unused ski days in winter season 2019/20 will be integrated. As rebalancing measure, the validity of these ski days will be extended to the next two consecutive winter seasons, 2021/22 and 2022/23.


Season skipass*

  • Advance sales within 24.12.2021: € 870,00. From 25.12.2021: € 930,00
  • for youngsters up to 16 years (born after 27.11.2005): € 595,00
  • for Super-Seniors 70+ (born before 27.11.1951): € 720,00
  • for children (born after 27.11.2013): € 280,00
    * valid from beginning of the season – end of the season



Families consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 members over the age of 8 (born before 27/11/2013) can combine their MyDolomiti Skicards with the new formula "Superski Family", charging a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 ski days per person. Parents, children and grandparents can combine their personal Dolomiti Superski ski pass and top up at a special rate a suitable number of ski day, according to the family's skiing needs. These ski days can be enjoyed flexibly and without limits througout the winter season by the family members. 

For example: a family with father, mother, daughter and grandpa buy 40 ski days (10 per person). The sporty father goes every weekend and comes up with 16 ski days. The mother accompanies her husband from time to time and spends 6 days on the ski slopes, while grandpa spends 4 days skiing. The young daughter loves the snow and skiing and goes with her friends as often as she can and comes up with 14 days of skiing. In total, 40 days of skiing were consumed.

Each member of a family group will get a personal ski pass and for each day of use of a card belonging to the family group a ski day will be reduced from the total purchased amount.

Children under the age of 8 belonging to the "Superski Family" will receive the Dolomiti Superski season tickte free of charge, if a parent is a part of the combined solution. However, the "Superski Family" combined solution does not differentiate between adult, senior and junior categories.

Guarantee: the validity of all ski days available in the package will be extended to the coming two consecutive winter seasons, 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.


The correctness of the data can not be guaranteed

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