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The Most Beautiful Walls in the World

Climbing in Brunico in the Kronplatz Holiday Region


“There is something meditative about climbing.  The soul is solitary and alone in the Now.”

Hands seek a hold in narrow clefts and cracks, feet concentrate on a secure step, and the face is pressed against the warm, rough rock. Climbing is demanding of the body and spirit. Anyone who thinks about anything other than that very moment has lost. And it is precisely that which constitutes the allure. And the adventure.  Climbing means feeling nature so directly, so closely, that a feeling of humility spreads within. 

Climbing park Villa Santa Caterina in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

The Kronplatz region comprises countless mountain summits with prominent forms: precipitous cliffs, wild peaks, bizarre towers. They are the territory of adventurers and conquerors. The Dolomites in the south, the three thousand meter (ten thousand foot) peaks of the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner Nature Park in the north – the terrain for the climber is varied and possessed of enthralling beauty. 

Climbing in Villa Santa Caterina near Brunico in the Val Pusteria

Climbing Spots

There are impressive natural climbing areas in their wild state in Aufhofen/Villa S. Caterina and St. Lorenzen/S. Lorenzo. But it is not only sport climbers who are drawn to the Kronplatz region. Alpine climbing routes cross through the Dolomites. The latter offer exciting possibilities for the combination of mountain climbing, glacier tours, and free climbing. 

Experienced mountain guides and climbing teachers accompany their clients through the most beautiful climbing territory in the world. The professionals are available for courses, tips, and tricks. And anyone who nevertheless ventures onto the walls alone should take all conceivable measures to avoid accidents. So that every Alpine climbing adventure is a safe one. 

Climbing hall in Brunico in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

Climbing parks & halls

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