Mountainbiking | © Patrick Schwienbacher - TV Antholzertal

Mountain bike areas for the perfect flow

You can't wait to race across dense forests on exciting trails, overcome obstacles and perform movie-like jumps? Then you are ready for our mountain bike areas! Actually, several of them await you around the Kronplatz: the MTB Area Antholz, the Skills Park Cir, the Kids Area Panorama and the new MTB Skill Area of Olang/Valdaora. Your skill level doesn't matter. Whether you are experiencing your first moments on a mountain bike, fine-tuning your technique or want to challenge yourself on fast steep curves and stairs – your wheels have to run on these areas! And the same goes for young bikers, who can practice their skills on various tracks and pump tracks for children or pick up a few tricks by observing the local kids of the Sports Club during their training sessions.

The MTB Skill Area Olang

There is another interesting training course waiting for you in Olang/Valdaora. Are you ready to tackle all kinds of jumps? To ride along crazy turns? Or to learn how to keep a firm grip on your bike while riding over various bumps in meadows and forests? In that case, the MTB Skill Area of Olang is what you've been looking for! Whether beginner training or a refresher course for skilful bikers: Challenge yourself and your techniques and venture onto obstacles which have been specially designed to recreate situations that may surprise you at any time along your descents. Once completed, there are numerous trails such as the Gassl trail or Dragon Trail waiting for you to prove your refined skills.

The Kids Area Panorama

Summer tubing, a 3D archery course and the Kids Fun Camp. But the Kids Area Panorama offers much more as also MTB dreams come true. This exciting children's world features a MTB course that has been specially designed for children and invites adventure-seeking kids to let off steam on a great variety of obstacle courses, learn special riding techniques and test how they can safely overcome all kinds of barriers in a relaxed and easy manner. Of course, qualified MTB tutors are always ready to help your little biker with some cool and useful tips and tricks.

Mountainbike route | © Patrick Schwienbacher - TV Antholzertal
Mountainbiking | © Patrick Schwienbacher - TV Antholzertal
Mountainbike route | © Patrick Schwienbacher - TV Antholzertal
Mountainbiking | © Patrick Schwienbacher - TV Antholzertal
The MTB Area Antholz Niedertal

Very close to the fish pond in the village of Antholz Niedertal/Anterselva di Sotto, the 3 trails Magerstein, Wildgall and Rammelstein (easy, medium and difficult) await you to challenge yourself and test your skills on a variety of obstacles such as stones, bridges and fast wooden turns. This mountain bike area offers lots of fun for the entire family as in addition to the dynamic trails there is also a pump track for children who want to let off steam and enjoy a great time.

The Skills Park Cir

Above the village of St. Vigil/San Vigilio, located very close to the mountain station of the Piz de Plaies cable car, there is the training course of the Kronplatz Bike Park: the Skills Park Cir. Both beginners and experienced bikers can practice and improve their technical skills on various obstacle courses. Venture into the most vivid jumps, lean confidently into steep turns, train the right braking performance and challenge your sense of balance on dedicated tracks. Trained enough? Now you' re ready for the 16 trails waiting for you at the Bike Park Kronplatz! Prove your riding techniques on easy and difficult trails such as the Herrensteig, Gassl or Korer Trail.

Skills Park Kronplatz

The Skills Park at the Kronplatz summit (located next to the Concordia peace bell) offers all MTB enthusiasts a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and push their limits with its practice elements. Every jump, every turn and every challenge will encourage bikers to improve their skills and go beyond themselves.

In the Skills Park, participants learn to handle speed, maintain balance and hold their own in any situation.



  • Long Wave
  • Roots
  • 180° Berm
  • Mini Roof
  • Balance
  • Slalom
  • Podium
  • Swing
  • Multiline
  • Drop 20